ETH Accelerator

ETH Accelerator – Ethereum Transaction Accelerator

Are you waiting for confirmation on an Ethereum transaction? (Including ERC20 tokens like SHIBA, PEPE, USDC, and others.)

We can include your transaction in an upcoming Ethereum block, confirming it within 10-15 minutes.

When your Ethereum transfer becomes “stuck” and remains “pending,” it indicates that it’s unconfirmed due to a simple reason: the transaction fee, known as Gwei, that you selected is currently insufficient. The minimum required fee is higher than what you’ve initially set.

This situation commonly arises during peak blockchain activity when there’s a high volume of transactions being sent. Each transaction needs to be included in a newly mined block, imposing technical limitations.

There are four potential solutions to this issue: A) exercising patience in the hope that if transaction volumes decrease, your fee might become competitive enough for a miner to process your transfer; B) waiting until the blockchain rejects the transfer (usually after several days); or C) creating a duplicate transfer with a higher fee. However, this option is technically challenging and not easily achievable, especially when the transfer originates from a basic crypto wallet with limited user options.

The easiest solution is this: We include your transfer in one of the next mined blocks within our mining network.

As part of our mining community, we can offer to include (confirm!) your transaction in one of the upcoming Ethereum blocks. All that’s needed is for you to provide us with your transfer hash (TX/TXID) and pay an additional fee of 0.012 ETH.

Boost your ETH transaction now!

Common causes of unconfirmed transactions

The network is experiencing a high volume
The Ethereum 1.0 network can only support approximately 30 transactions per second. If there are more than 1800 transfers per minute – transactions can be stuck. Miners then prioritize transactions with higher fees over others (with low or insufficient fees).

Sending a very small amount with insufficient fees
All ETH transactions require a miner fee (also called Gas or Gwei) to be confirmed by the ETH network. When sending ETH you will be prompted to add a miner fee to make sure the transaction gets confirmed. If an insufficient fee is included, your transaction may be rejected or pending for days or even weeks.

Trying to spend unconfirmed coins
If you are sending unconfirmed coins, then they remain pending till the (original) “input” transfer has reached confirmation. After that, the confirmation time depends again on the selected fee amount (Gwei).

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